Western has always felt attracted to produce other formats pushing the boundaries of more traditional approaches. In this chapter you will find documentaries, short films and artistic projects that bring us great satisfaction while we keep learning and offering other ways of producing.

Pay Day Funeral

Funeral by Johnatan Herman

Live-action sequences of the funeral for the Video Game of PayDay 2.

Beach by Jonhatan Herman

Life action sequences of the final discussion of gang leaders for the Video Game Pay Day 2.

Vakantie Discounter «Badminton» by Philip Brink & Hugo van Woerden

El Trayecto by Mabel Palacín (not released yet)

El Trayecto art film is a project in which the artist Mabel Palacín explores creation through automobile cameras. Exploring what AI could potentially do shortly in our advanced technologic World.

Vakantie Discounter Jump by Philip Brink & Hugo van Woerden

Vakantie Umbrella by Philip Brink & Hugo van Woerden

Manel Vich

The Voice by Johan Kramer

Documentary Film on Manel Vich, the only official Speaker of Futbol Club Barcelona, who, since 1956, only missed 3 games.

Casa dels Xuklis

La Casa dels Xuklis by Xavi Morón & Kenneth Santos with Miquel de Sinhilos

A music video about the opening of The House of Xuklis, a shelter for improving the quality of life of children with cancer and their families.

Cruyff boots

Horacio & Johan by Johan Kramer

Short film about Horacio Seguí. A Barcelonian self made photographer. Mostly known for his work with Futbol Club Barcelona during 1963-2003. He was the one who guided Johan Cruyff around Barcelona during the first trip of the Dutch player to the city where he would become a hero

Camera Dream

Camera Dream by Johan Kramer

Short film premiered at the GUP magazine